Oh my. I have abandoned my Tumblr…

Oh I am so sorry!! Hopefully I can find someone to run this with me! I will try my hardest not to let it go to waste again! 

BUT I am hosting a giveaway ;) 


Check it out

Rarity Giveaway Update

Unfortunately I will no longer be able to do the giveaway for the following facebook page due to someone spoiling the competition for everyone else. I’m sorry for any and all of you who entered :( 

But you can still sign up for the birthday club :D http://eepurl.com/oQQcj

There’s lots of advantages to signing up for the birthday club - click and find out! 

A Rarity Giveaway

I’m sorry if you clicked a link to get to the giveaway that was to be thrown on Rarity - Diamond Pony’s wall. Unfortunately due to the fact I have an opinion, I will no longer be doing this giveaway and I am sorry. Please follow A Rarity of a Design’s Facebook page for updates!! 

Jingle Bells…..

So Christmas is coming up and I want to do something awesome that I could do year after year.

I want to design my awesome egiftcards that can be printed out and put into a christmas card. These can be ordered for specific items like (2 game controllers) or a specific amount (the amount would start at like 45$ and go up!)

It would be a great way for people to get what they want and I’ll be creating different designs as we slowly get closer. And yes, they will involve ponies but there will be more generic Christmas designs. 

That is something I totally want to do! It would be really awesome and an easy way for everyone to get what they wanted and put it on their Christmas list!! 


Updates: Website!!!

So lately I had been working on doing my website and I finally succeeded and finished it!! You guys should check it out and leave me some feedback!! 


Well hello blog, it’s been a while!

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve had time to post here! I am so sorry!!!! So I’m going to try to make it a priority to post to the blog more often especially my youtube videos and such! I am so excited to be back on the blog and while i’m actually getting ready for work and stuff so i’ll have to post later tonight and post some major updates that have come and gone in the shop and stuff I hope to keep doing. 

Giving away FREE or REDUCED shipping for an entire THREE orders!!!!

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So much in my brain!

Lately things have been rough for me. I am going through some financial hardtimes. I don’t have a job, can’t seem to get one and my shop isn’t doing well right now. I recently lost some designs and I’m REALLY upset about it. I mean it is just AWFUL. So I’m going to have to redo A LOT of things. 

Lately I have taken a liking to trying to learn more REAL graphic designing and I created a cloud picture and I loved it! While I found it to be kinda difficult I stuck with it and did it! I am so happy that it turned out great. 

I’m thinking of taking a new journey in graphic design, and learning more and more and I’m brainstorming some great things that I hope to one day do! 

I have let my sale continue for a while now and I’m thinking that I’m going to shut it down - the sale that is not the shop. Nobody has bitten and that makes me sad. So yeah. Going to be changing up some things, thinking about making Gaming Skin Kits, controller kits, I don’t know GAH. SO MUCH IN MY BRAIN! 

All I know is that I have some great fans who cheer me on and keep me happy and motivated, despite all the stress of my personal life.